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Philatelic Booth

Dealers’ Booths will be available for dealers in Dealers Booth area for dealing in philatelic and other collectible items. A single Dealer’s booth will be provided on a rent of Rs 25000/50000/75000/- for Standard/Deluxe/Premium booths respectively, for the full duration of the exhibition on first-cum-first-served basis. Details in this regard can be obtained from website or from Philately Cell, AMRITPEX 2023, O/o Chief Postmaster General, Delhi Circle, Meghdoot Bhawan, New Delhi-110001.

The necessary registrations / permissions / payments required for keeping the booth under the Regulations of GST / Income Tax / Customs/ Archaeological Survey of India or any other Acts / Rules / Notifications is the responsibility of the dealer. The organising committee takes no responsibility in this regard whatsoever.

Commencement date for Dealer Booth applications is 25.11.2022. Interested dealers may apply online at

Payment in this regard is to be made either online or through eMO along with the application.

A. Amenities to be provided by the Department

1. Standard :- Stall size 2mx2m with 1 tables + 2 chairs + 1 Almirah + 2 food coupons on daily basis.

2. Deluxe :- Stall size 3mx2m with 2 tables + 2 chairs + 1 Almirah + 2 food coupons on daily basis + TV + 1 small sofa + location advantage.

3. Premium :- Stall size 4mx2m with 2 tables + 4 chairs + 1 Almirah + 2 food coupons on daily basis + TV + Sofa set with central table + prime location.

B. Other Information:-

1. Extra furniture could be rented by the booth dealers from firm authorised by the Department at the Dealers own cost. Demand in this regard needs to be placed at least a day in advance.

2. Booth dealers may further decorate their booths in the way they want.

3. An undertaking is to submitted by the dealers regarding sale of appropriate philatelic material. An indemnity bond against theft, loss, damage of philatelic material during exhibition to absolve DOP from any responsibility must also be executed by the dealers.

The format of such undertaking should be displayed on website and should be duly signed and submitted before allotment.

Important Dates


Commencement date for Dealer Booth Applications
Last date of Application for Dealer Booth



Booth Rental


Standard Booth
Deluxe Booth
Premium Booth


₹ 25,000
₹ 50,000
₹ 75,000

Important Dates

  • Details Dates
  • Commencement date for Dealer Booth Applications 25.11.2022
  • Last date of Application for Dealer Booth 25.12.2022

Booth Rental